Why Our Events Are Perfect for Team Building! image

Why Our Events Are Perfect for Team Building!

One of the main services we offer is corporate events and team builders. It may sound strange, but it's actually a perfect recipe for success!

At our Paint Partis, you get to mix socializing with creativity and we have found this to be the perfect catalyst for positive team interactions. The whole Paint Parti experience breaks down any inhibitions or guards employees may have and by encouraging them to express themselves, they will naturally open up to their fellow employees.

Our many past team building themed Paint Partis have all been a great success and even reserved employees have admitted that they had a great time by the end of the evening. The companies we have worked with have also praised our events and reported remarkable moral and team unity after attending.

So why not buck the trend and do something exciting with your next team builder? Give us a call on (587) 436 1131 or send us a message using the contact form below to book your next Paint Parti.

Whether your team needs some help to gel and bond, or if you just want to get your employees together for a fun social, Paint Parti is for you!

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Chrisann Bodi

Chrisann is the owner and founder of Paint Parti.

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I loved the relaxed vibe and didn't find it intimidating to try my hand at something creative (definitely NOT artistically inclined). I'll be back, particularly after the instructor told me they're very laid back about what you paint. If the piece chosen for the session doesn't speak to you - it's no problem to choose one with colors that appeal to you more or a totally different theme. Kristi Slemko


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