Learn Techniques by these cool sites~ image

Learn Techniques by these cool sites~

Learn Art Techniques by these cool sites~


By: Chrisann Bodi


1. drawspace.com – Free online drawing lessons.

2. ctrlpaint.com – A free learning resource dedicated to the basics of digital painting.

3. exposureguide.com – Photography news, tips, and tutorials.

4. cambridgeincolour.com – A learning community for photographers.

5. khanacademy.org – Learn art history basics from cave paintings to contemporary art and everything in between.

6. googleartproject.com – Collections of famous artworks.

7. photography.bastardsbook.com – An open source guide to working with light.

8. artgraphica.net – Learn to sketch, draw, and paint with free lessons.

9. enliighten.com – Learn digital painting using Photoshop.


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Chrisann Bodi

Chrisann is the owner and founder of Paint Parti.

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